Sumer Foundation for International Affairs is an Iraqi non-profit and independent foundation. It is registered at the Iraqi NGOs Directorate. It is specialized in spreading values of peace, tolerance and coexistence in the field of international relations, and also enhancing Iraq’s relations with its regional and international surroundings through broadening space of dialogue, communication and research, in addition to exchanging views and initiatives, and holding joint activities.

Sumeria Objectives

1-Studying the crises and transformations that taking place in regional and international environments and its impact on Iraq. In addition to providing the recommendations that dealing with it. 

2-Studying the external performance of the Iraqi state institutions that concerned with foreign affairs. In addition to providing the recommendations that can support this performance.

3-Cooperating with the Iraqi state institutions that concerned with foreign affairs to ensure the participation of specialists and researchers in external decision-making process.

4-Increasing social awareness, especially among elites and young people, about the ways in which state institutions deal with foreign affairs.

5-Cooperating and networking with think tanks, research and studies centers, and other relevant institutions, in order to support Iraqi foreign policy.


Our Tools

1-Conducting research and studies on foreign affairs. Also, analyzing the impact of external variables on Iraq.

2-Holding conferences, seminars, and workshops on foreign affairs issues. 

3-Holding activities and training programs that targeting specialists in foreign affairs. 

4-Participating in activities and conferences of researching pattern with peer institutions regionally and internationally. 

5-Hosting and communicating with researchers and specialists in the Iraqi affairs.

6-Holding joint activities with national, regional and international research institutions.


Contact us

Email: info@sumeria.iq

Twitter: @sumeriaiq

Facebook: fb.com/Sumeriaiq

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